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Journal of the Short Story in English - N° 71



Domaines : Langues et civilisations | Études anglaises
Littérature | Littérature générale

Revue : Journal of the Short Story in English


Format : 15,5 x 24 cm
Nombre de pages : 362 p.

ISBN : 978-2-7535-7426-7

Disponibilité : auprès de l'éditeur
Prix : 20,00 €


  • Sommaire

  • Gérald Préher, *Foreword

PART ONE: The Short Story in Context

  • Elke D’hoker, Introduction
  • Alessandra Boller, Facing the Interface: William Carleton’s “The Death of a Devotee” in The Christian Examiner, and Church of Ireland Magazine
  • Zoé Hardy, Stuffing the Short Story with Context: Artistic Creation and Gender in H.G. Wells’s “The Triumphs of a Taxidermist”
  • Amândio Reis, Collecting Henry James: From Ghost Stories to Ghost Texts
  • Aleix Tura Vecino, Ec-centric Women: Angela Carter and the Short Story Anthology
  • Thomas Gurke, The Short Story as Ecotext: Rick Bass’s “Fiber”
  • Fanny Geuzaine, “And That’s Immortality”: Metafiction and the Importance of Contexts and Co-texts in Neil Gaiman’s Short Stories

PART TWO: General Section

  • Stéphane Sitayeb, Sexualized Objects in D. H. Lawrence’s Short Fiction: Eros and Thanatos
  • Deborah Bridle, The Geography of Horror: Lovecraft’s (Re)construction of New England
  • Joel Deshaye, Theatrical and Self-Conscious Metaphor in Modern Realism: Ernest Hemingway and Morley Callaghan Reunited
  • Isabelle Boof-Vermesse, The Myth of the Androgyne in Flannery O’Connor’s “The Temple of the Holy Ghost”and “The Comforts of Home”
  • Suzanne Bray, Close Encounters of a Mythical Kind: C.S. Lewis’s “Forms of Things Unknown”
  • Matthew Davis, Two Ways Down Making Sense of James Moffett’s “The Suicides of Private Greaves”
  • David S. McCracken, The Dunning-Kruger Effect in Dirty Realism: Dorothy Allison’s “Jason Who Will Be Famous,” Larry Brown’s “Waiting for the Ladies,” and Chuck Palahniuk’s “Romance”
  • Quan Manh Ha and William Frost, Postcolonial Satire, Imperialist Nostalgia, and Reconciliation in Huy Duong Phan’s “The Billion Dollar Skeleton” and Andrew Lam’s “Slingshot”
  • Alexandre Privat, Between Object and Desire: The Missed Encounter in Adam Thorpe’s “Debauchery”
  • Stéphanie Maerten, “His Heart Beat With The Avidity of a Young Lover”: The Unattainable Object of Desire in Joyce Carol Oates’s “The Skull: A Love Story”
  • Lisa-Jane Roberts, Narrative Mood in George Saunders’s “Puppy”
  • John D. Rutter, MacGuffins, Murakami and My Thing: A Discussion of an Un-named Thing as a Device and an Introduction to Affect Studies Applied to Short Fiction



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